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Gorilla Grip Seam Setter 2.1 Camless

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$1,529.20 - $1,529.20
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The evolution is ongoing, and the new 2.1 Seam Setter stands out as one of the most formidable options available. This self-contained unit is suitable for both the workshop and the job site. Each kit includes an electric vacuum pump and two sets of seam pods. The Seam Setter offers rapid and robust clamping of stone surfaces. Each set is equipped with four leveling knobs, allowing for precise leveling, even on slabs that are bowed. With this Seam Setter, there is no need to worry about losing suction. The electric motor ensures continuous suction, eliminating the need for batteries or manual pumping. Additionally, the Seam Setter features a powerful clamping mechanism, two sets of vacuum pods, four leveling knobs for precise leveling, and a carrying case for protection.

This improved version of the Gorilla Grip has all the same features and benefits of the original but with two very important upgrades. First, there are no longer cams to worry about. Eight convenient, built in, leveling points now allow you to get that perfect seam giving you more space to access the seam. The second upgrade is ½" of additional space in between the pods. This along with the elimination of the cams allows the user to remove excess glue from the seam before it cures, saving time and money.

DEF GG2-20000-13

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