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DIABU - Red Eagle Saw Blade 16" Granite and Quartz Bridge Saw Blade TL-00106

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DIABU:® Red Eagle - TITAN LINE - Red Eagle 16" Granite and Quartz Saw Blade 

Granite, Quartz and Quartzite Cutting
For use on general bridge saws
Removes need for step cutting on most saws on quartzite
Laser Welded Fast Cutting segments
Smooth, Chip Free Cutting on various speed
RPM 1200-1700

  • Blade Size: 16
  • Granite and Quartz Cutting· Laser Welded
  • Fast Cutting segments
  • 20 MM Uniquely designed cutting segments
  • Great balance of life and cutting speed
  • Hardened Silent Core
  • Made in Germany
  • Part Number: TL-00106

Cutting Speeds
Granite: 100-160 in/min
Quartz: 80-120in/min
Quartzite: 30-70in/min

Red Eagle 16" Granite 90mm with Pin Holes Quartz Cutting Bridge Saw Blade

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