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Achilli Track Rail Saw TSA 3HP

by Achilli
Original price $312.95 - Original price $2,931.95
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$312.95 - $2,931.95
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Achilli Track Rail Saw TSA 3 HP Portable Rail Saw for Granite, Marble, Engineered Stone, Quartzite, Limestone, Travertine, and All Natural Stones

The Achilli TSA Track Rail Saw is rated as one of best granite rail saws for cutting granite, natural and engineered stone slabs.

The portable Achilli TSA Track Rail Saw is an outstanding saw for cutting 1-2 granite or stone counter tops per day.

The TSA Rail Saw Track is made using the same heavy duty 3 horse power motor as the large Achilli ANR Saws.. These motors have been used for the last 20 years by Achilli. Extremely reliable motor. Very Strong Torque output. This motor simply cannot be overloaded when cutting up to 4cm granite.

The Track Rail Beam System isn't a 2 beam track like other granite and stone rail saws. The portable Achilli rail track saw is the same steel beam and bearing system that Achilli uses on their full bridge saws. That means the Achilli Rail Saw will not deflect, twist, cut out of line during the full length of cut.

The blade housing that accepts a full 14" Blade with up to an 18mm height segment. This Blade housing on the TSA Stone Rail Saw is the same housing using across the entire Achilli line of saws. This offers dual water ports for continuous water on the blade.

The Achilli Granite Rail Saw will cut a full 1 1/2" (4cm) thick material. This is perfect for stone counter top lamination's.

With a full depth adjustment knob that sits directly on top of the saw the TSA Granite Rail Saw will perform plunge cuts any where needed in the stone counter top or island. If cutting extremely hard material and step cutting is required, it is extremely easily to control the depth of cut during each pass.

With full rubber lining the length of the rails, once the rail has been placed in the exact spot you want, the rail and saw will not slip or slide out of place during the cut.

For powerful portability of cutting granite, engineered stone, and all natural stones, the Achilli TSA Rail Saw is the best saw in its class!

Track Rail Beam System Features & Designs

• Complete rubber lined track
• Rubber designed to prevent movement & scratches
• 1/8" thick solid galvanized steel rail beam
• Specifically engineered for zero deflection & strength Roller Bearing Rail System
• Same bearing system used on Achilli Bridge Saws
• Double roller bearings for smooth, accurate, stable movement down the beam
• Height adjustment & On/Off switch placed on top for easy access & use
• Cuts a full 1 1/2" (4cm) stone
• Water port adjustments on both sides of housing for 12",14" blades. Perfect water placement for whichever size blade is used Rigid, Strong, Interlocking Lock/Latch System
• Triple lock/latch to make perfect, tight joints
• Male/female inserts for extra strength

Additional Features and Specs of the Achilli TSA Stone Rail Saw System:

  • Tried and True Achilli motor and parts that Achilli has used for years on all size sawsNo experimental "bugs" to work out. Achilli used existing machines and transformed it into a rail saw.
  • Same Motor used on other Achilli Rail Saws up to 10' long.
  • Extremely reliable Motor used for years by Achilli. This motor will cut up to 4cm material in one pass.
  • Track Rail Beam is the exact same metal and design used as the beam on Achilli rail saws up to 10' long.
  • Track Rail Beam is extremly rigid and straight, guarateeing accurate cuts every time.
  • 6 Bearing base plate rides on the Track Rail Beam; The same design, bearings used on all Achilli rail saws.
  • Saw glides on Track Rail Beam with a push of a finger.
  • The blade guard housing unit is the same as used on all Achilli rail saws.
  • Steel frame, painted with Epoxy-Powder finish is the same steel and final finish that Achilli has used on the entire line Achilli of saws for saw frames, bridge supports, water recycling tanks, etc.
  • Raise and lower wheel system: Same exact system Achilli uses to raise and lower the entire motor system on the manual line of bridge saws.
  • On/off switch is the standard on the Achilli rail saw line. Waterproof switches for years of use and safety.
  • Joint/Latch/Lock system fits tight and strong. No wobble or movement: perfectly straight cuts.
  • Ships on a standard pallet. No extra handling fees and less risk of damage.
  • Built with Achilli premium quality motor and parts.
  • 3 HP 220 V Single Phase Motor
  • 1" Arbor
  • Motor Specs: 1700 RPM- 60hz
  • Cutting Depth: up to 1 1/2" (40mm)
  • 3 Rails included: 13', 8', 4'
  • Accepts 12", 14" Blade
  • Machine Weight: 103 lbs
  • 13 Rail Weight: 71 lbs
  • 8' Rail Weight: 42 lbs
  • 4' Rail Weight: 26 lbs

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