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Achilli AFR 300-A Automatic Bridge Saw

by Achilli
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Achilli AFR 300 A-ZM Automatic Bridge Saw Granite Cutting Machine

Achilli AFR 300 A-ZM Automatic Bridge Saw for Granite, Marble, Engineered Stone, Ceramic, Porcelain Material. FREE BLADE

Achilli AFR 300 A Granite and Stone Bridge Saw is an outstanding wet cutting bridge saw for straight cutting, miter cutting, length cutting, cross cutting granite, marble, quartz, concrete, slabs and counter tops.

The AFR 300 A Granite Bridge Saw is an Automatic motor feed bridge wet saw.

AFR 300 A Bridge Saw Electric Panel

Powered by an electric panel at the end of the saw, The AFR A Bridge Saw has complete control of the speed and cutting of material:
1) Speed control on X Axis: The AFR A Bridge saws gives adjustable speed in forward and reverse.
2) Height control on Y Axis: Have complete control of the blade depth control by raising ad lowering the blade height right from the control panel
3) Stop and Emergency stop: The AFR A control panel offers standard feed rate stop buttons as well as a dedicated emergency safety top button that kills the entire saw immediately.

The AFR 300 A Bridge Saw can cut up to 4" thick materials.

The AFR accepts a 10", 12", and 14" blade allowing a variety of cutting depths on many different materials such as granite, marble, engineered stone, ceramic, porcelain, concrete, glass, etc.

The AFR 300 A Stone Bridge Saw comes with 2 side extension tables that offer support for full slabs of stone. The side extension tables can be mounted on both sides of the saw.

The AFR 300 A Bridge Saw comes practically fully assembled. After taking it out of the shipping crate, simply slide attach the legs, wire 220 3 phase, attach the control panel to the side of the saw, mount the blade and side extension tables and start cutting.

The AFR 300 A Bridge Saw is powered by a robust 5.5 HP (3400 rpm) motor that allows easy cutting of 2cm and 3cm stone without ever slowing down or over working the motor.

X- Axis movement down the bridge of the saw is powered by Automatic travel speed from the control panel.
Y- Axis blade height adjustment is powered by a 1/2 HP motor directly on top of the motor and blade. This height adjustment is made at the control panel.

The AFR 300 A Bridge Saw can also cut 45 degree bevel miter cuts. Simply loosen the hand knobs on each side of the bridge and manually tilt the entire bridge over to 45 degrees and tighten up the knobs. This feature allows very tight miter accuracy when cutting 45 degrees.

The cutting bed of AFR 300 A Stone Bridge Saw is made up of Metal Slats. This allows solid support of the cutting piece, allows the water to drain back down in the water tank, and allows easy access to the water tank if something falls in, or when the tank needs to be cleaned.

For faster and more accurate cuts, the AFR 300 A comes with the same powerful laser system as the full Achilli bridge saws.

The water tank on the AFR holds 64 gallons of water. By having an integrated water system, including a 1/2 HP water pump, built right into the AFR, it allows continuous and correct water flow back to the blade for water lubrication. Additionally this saves a lot of water by recycling the water.

Sturdy and compact structure (no foundations required).

• Head travel is motorized on X-axis.
• X-axis variable speed
• Cutting depth is adjustable
• Manual bridge tilt from 90° to 45° to carry out bevel cutting.
• Fixed worktable with epoxy powder painted steel slats.
• Accepts diamond blade diameters of 12", 14"
• Water tank with built-in recycling pump.

• Main isolator switch
• Emergency stop push-button
• "RESET" power-on button
• Main motor start/stop button
• Head forward and reverse variable speed controls
• Head forward and reverse control buttons
• Emergency stop push-button on head

• Side extension table (2 pieces)
• Side stop (squaring bar)
• Set of service wrenches
• Laser

10' length of cut
Weighs 1120 lbs
Water tank holds 68 gallons of water
Main motor (special voltage) Three-phase
• Power 4 kW (5.5HP) • Voltage 230 V~3 phase motor
• Frequency 60 Hz
• Rotation speed 3400 RPM Head feed motor Three-phase
• Power 0.37 kW (0.5HP) • Voltage 230 V~
• Frequency 50 Hz Raise and lower motor (special voltage) (Vers. "ZM")
• Power 0.18 kW (0.24HP) • Voltage 230 V~
• Frequency 60 Hz Water recycling pump (standard) single-phase • Power 50 W (1/2HP)
• Voltage 230 V~
• Frequency 50 Hz
• Head 2.5 m (8.2 ft)
• Capacity 28 l/min. (7.4 gal/min.)
Blade Arbor: 1" (25.4mm)

Depth of Cut:
10" Blade: 2"
12" Blade: 3"
14" Blade: 4"

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