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Black Mamba Glue Gray

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$15.15 - $15.15
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MS60 Black Mamba FHG High Tack - Superfast Mono Component Polymer Sealant
This is an excellent product for providing maximum adhesion-- imagine installing a sink in 10 seconds! MS60 Black Mamba FHG is made of monocomponent MS polymer adhesives. These adhesives react with the humidity in the air and offer optimal sealing even in under pressure. The main advantage of this product is the speed at which skin can form as well as the curing speed in which 100% of the active matter reacts. It is recommended to use this product in temperatures varying between -40 and 140°C but optimal qualities are achieved between 5 and 35°C. Shrinkage is at 1% and the elongation at break can go up to 400% which enables it to resist impacts, vibrations and peeling. It has also obtained the M1/F1 accreditation for fire and smoke resistance. It is resistant to water, UV exposure, yellowing and aggressive environments such as alkaline, diluted acids, polar solvents, oils and more.

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Black Mamba Glue Grey

  • $15.15 1-11 Tubes
  • $14.06 12-23 Tubes
  • $12.97 24-71 Tubes
  • $11.88 72-1259 Tubes
  • $10.89 1260+ Tubes

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