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Aardwolf Blue Pair Carry Clamps Black Rubber

Prezzo originale $280.95 - Prezzo originale $280.95
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$280.95 - $280.95
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The Carry Clamp for Sheet Material is used in pairs, allowing users to lift and carry panels safely and comfortably. The clamp design utilizes the weight of the sheet material to provide the clamping force. A vulcanized rubber lining on the jaws prevents damage to the material's surface.


Grip range 0 - 50 0 - 2"
Working load limit 200 441
Net weight 7.4 16.3
Gross weight 7.8 17.2
Packaging dimensions L.480xW.160xH.300 L.18.9"xW.6.3"xH.11.8"

Volume: 0.0000 M3


Note: Sold in pair

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