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16" Weha Matrix S Diagonal Diamond Bridge Saw Blade

by Achilli
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16" Weha Matrix S Diagonal Diamond Bridge Saw Blade for Granite, Marble, Quartz, Stone designed to cut fast, clean, and quiet.  Matrix is also available in 12",14", and 18".

The Weha Matrix S is a premium diagonal layered diamond blade designed to cut fast, clean, and quiet.

The Matrix Diamond Bridge Saw blades are for granite, engineered stone, quartz materials. Also great on marbles.

Unlike other layered blades, the Weha Matrix S Bridge Saw Blade diamonds re layered at a diagonal to the core.

This allows 100% continuous cutting with diamonds. Other layered diamonds have a layer of diamond and a layer of filler, then another layer of diamond.

Because of the continuous layer of diagonal diamonds, the Weha Matrix S 18mm height Bridge Saw Blade will last as long as other 20-25mm height blades.

This unique layered diamond is performing like no other blade on the market.

Super quiet, Up to 10' per minute feed rate. Outstanding life.

The Matrix S is performing fantastic on both Bridge saws as well as CNC Sawjet machines.

16" x 60/50 arbor x 18mm height segments

Austrian Segments

German Core



  • Diagonal layered diamond
  • 18mm lasts as long as 25mm
  • For all horsepower saws
  • Austrian segment
  • German core
  • Silent core
  • 60/50 arbor
  • Other bushings available

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